Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2

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Another half a day of enriching content. The last article we talk about Donna Fox and, Stuart and Simon Leung’s programs. So today I’ll be sharing on two more talks.

Lee & Robin Collins.

They are a really cute couple and I think they are the most happening Speakers then. They are always laughing and having fun. You know when you see people excited about something, you too become excited and that is how we need to run our businesses in Singapore. Come on, let’s make Business a FUN thing to do yah.

Ok back to topic. Lee and Robin specializes in Hybrid Marketing. Hybrid Marketing is a combination of ONLINE and OFFLINE business. To think of it I’ve been doing that all this while. Most of my business comes from OFFLINE sales but they had very good valid points ..

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Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2