Saturday, November 08, 2008

Two Mentor Jutawan

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Two Mentor Jutawan

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit down with 2 Mentor Jutawans in Singapore, Sujmy Mohd ( Screenbox) and who else Abang Abu lah..heh. This was a catch session for both of them and learning session for me. To tell you the truth I was more quiet that I used when meeting people. i guess its out of respect and I want to hear more from them than I would want to be the one talking..

 Entrepreneurial Kits

Just let me leak some info to you. hehe. Both of them are in the plans of creating entreprenuerial kits to help create and push our people into entrepreneurships…. Either its in the form of CDs, books and so on. So this will be more like a joint venture between these two teachers. One a super Coach in Financial and Entrepreneurship and the other a Media Giant who have ready distribution points, knowledge and access to CD shops, TV advertisements and more.. Its really leveraging on each other strong areas. 

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Two Mentor Jutawan