Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ashik’s book

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This book was launched a few weeks ago by Trade Minister Lee Yi Syan during the Enpreneurship week at Toa Payhoh Hub. 

Ashik started his business selling Motivational Postcards at the age of 9 years. The idea of doing this business at the young age spark when he was in Primary 2. 

At that age, his father - Abang Abu was already teaching Ashik entrepreneurial values and there was one value that taught well which was “If You Want It, Go Get IT”. At that tender age, his mind was already educated and groom to survive. Even though the necessities are covered but if Ashik wants something like an Xbox, he had to earned it himself.

So today at age 12 and thousands of dollars richer, Ashik is able to write his own book and had reinvested the money into getting his book out. 

Watch the videos of the launch here...


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