Saturday, January 03, 2009

Abang Abu - Finance Guru

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Abang Abu - Finance GuruAffectionately known as Abang Abu, is the founder and CEO of Now Asia. He has a deep commitment towards young people’s success in entrepreneurship and financial intelligence.Abu is head of the Young Entrepreneurs Club, Vice-President of Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN) of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Abu is also a qualified toastmaster and was a past president of one of the local toastmaster’s club.He has been a speaker in numerous business as well as community-based events and has been featured regularly in the local media (Berita Harian, New Paper, Oli and Warna). He also contributes to a regular column in Berita Harian (Belia & Bisnes bersama Abang Abu).His experience includes starting 6 businesses which included retail, F&B, and money-changing. As an investor, he currently owns a number of properties and has been trading in the stock market since a tender age of 19.He is a graduate of the ‘Money and You’ Program, a certified wealth coach and Financial Fitness coach. Abu was a winner of the SOE 2005 Award (Spirit of Enterprise) which recognizes individuals for their outstanding entrepreneurial quest.He is currently conducting “Program Map untuk Kaya”-A well known, best seller financial education program for adults. He also frequently conducts courses such as Train the trainer, Home business for women, Biz4Kids for kids and many other valuable programs that suit all walks of life.Visit to get his daily updates.Taken from


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Abang Abu - Finance Guru