Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holiday in Kedah…

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By the time I get back from the holidays. We have pictures and videos and what not and there’s the work that’s left behind also. Ahh so much to do and yet little time for yourself. So today I told myself, I’ll wake up earlier than the usual 6.30am timing to BLOG.

So here’s my update on my trip to Kedah…

On Saturday 24th Jan 09, we set off around 4.30am in the family car. Picking up my grandmother and aunt along the way and we reached TUAS checkpoint at 5.15am. Well even though we were early, there were more people earlier than us and the JAM was really ridiculous. We passed Johor Check Point by 9am.. 3 hours plus in the jam.. Anyway we expected it lah.. Both the checkpoints were already jammed since Friday afternoon.

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Holiday in Kedah…