Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lonely Blogging Student

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Well it was supposed to be 4 students but end up only 1 can attend on this day. I told Kak Kamsaton that the class will still go on even though she’s alone.. Dapat one to one coaching lagi!

Anyway given the opportunity of course we must maximise it right. So here’s the result of the first lesson.


What did we cover for that 1st day?

How to set up the blog, change the template. Learn to add the widgets, the sidebars, the images. Post your first content, create links and so on. 

Lesson to learn

It was quite some time ago since I teach Blogging workshops again. Apparently a lot of settings have changed in blogger and my notes were outdated. So yeah for the next batch definitely need a whole new bunch of notes.

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