Saturday, February 07, 2009

Making Decisions so that you wont lose…

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Ah today I had to make a decision fast as time does not give me any opportunity to manouver. If I made a decision hours later, I will be losing hundreds of dollars. Yes just one decision. Sounds like playing the stock market yah. 

Fortunately for me its only in the hundreds. But what about the big players, they lose at times millions of dollars. So how does an Entrepreneur bear with such problems. Ahh you know if you can’t handle such situations well, you may end up in depression.

Having a positive mind really helps but through experience that would help you make DECISIONs that will ease the problem.

For my case its my workshops. You know some months you can get over 16 students, some months 5 students and today one confirm another sign up but haven’t paid and another just couldn’t take leave. So Murphy’s Law - where everything will go wrong will go wrong have just happen..

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Making Decisions so that you wont lose…