Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For the benefit of the Malay Muslim Business Community

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If you have read the papers lately, there are tons of grants that the Government are giving to Businesses to allow them to survive these recession and the amounts are in Billions.. 

So recently the Malay Chambers of Commerce had announced an event to introduce and explain to the Muslim Business Community in Singapore about the grants available.

I hope that we really look into such funds and take the time to apply for it. There is so much to it.

One of the grants that I heard recently was the wages of Graduates. You see hiring graduates are not cheap. Poly grad can cost you $1800 and a Uni grad have a starting paycheck of $2200. So it can be a burden to your company in times like this.

So you see there are grants that can subsidize an employer up to 70% of these graduate salaries. So hiring a grad may cost the employer only $660 instead of $2.2 K. Furthermore you get very talented people in the company to join you.

Well that is only one form of grant and the details are not accurately given yet. The grant above might change but look at it this way. It saves a lot of money and it will save a lot of jobs.

Below is an email forwarded by the Manager of Malay Chambers of Commerce, Mr Ramley Puteh.

Do read the email here.


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For the benefit of the Malay Muslim Business Community