Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Rich is predictable..

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Chapter 13 - R.Kiyosaki and Donald Trump shared why being rich is predictable.

I believe I mentioned it before when I did the rubic cube article.

Well let me try to elaborate further. When we were in school there will always be an impossible Math question to answer. Am I right?

But if you happen to persists you will finally find out the formula and the methods to solve that question.

You see SUCCESS is also the same. It can be duplicated and it can be formulated. 

Seriously Getting Rich is predictable. It requires patience, resilience and a heart to get there and just like the Maths equation, it will always result the same way. The process might be different from every single person but the results are predictable.

Getting rich is predicatable.. Click here to read on..


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Getting Rich is predictable..