Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Understanding Muslim Identity, Rethinking Fundamentalism - IslamicEvents.SG

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The seminar, starting from an anthropological approach, provides a different reading of religious fundamentalism and extremism that is founded upon fieldwork-based research. It attempts to explain why today young people may be attracted to ‘fundamentalist’ and extremist interpretations of religion.

It will be suggested that what has been labeled as ‘fundamentalism’ should be read as a system of processes instead of a single cultural and socio-political phenomenon. In order to understand these processes, there is a need to focus attention upon the individual. The seminar will suggest that some ideas, such as justice and dignity, through emotional processes can achieve, for the person, the status of ethos and thus lead to an ideology of justice based on particular ideas of ‘how to be human’ and the desire to ‘civilize’ the others.

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Understanding Muslim Identity, Rethinking Fundamentalism - IslamicEvents.SG