Sunday, June 14, 2009

1000% profit or more

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Is there such a product that can be 1000% profit or more?

Let's look at how a product can actually be sold, talk for you and your friends and be sold to them too and then keeps on being bought over and over and over again. Well I was explaining to Ameera about this earlier. You see the perks of being my INTERN. You get the ideas first hand.. So yeah I couldn't send the newsletter last week because I was creating this new product which can be sold, talk for us, get people talking and advertise for us for the next TWO years. Sounds like a passive income machine HUH!! Not really, this system is not a recurring system but its an identifier system. Meaning I'm selling my brand not the product. How in the world  can you advertise to someone for 2 years for FREE? Well that is a trade secret. Well here's a simple idea ! Just look at the COKE drink? When you buy the drink, ask yourself why did you buy the drink? Now zoom into the past and try to remember when you had your first Coke. Ok perhaps you were too little when your parents bought you your first coke. However from that age you drank coke, did it felt "nice". Try to remember that? Do you remember how the coke bottle or CAN look like back then compared to today? You are making comparisons already right? So now back to my question. Why did you buy the COKE drink? ( in the present ) Well simply because you remembered all those information about how it taste and how the BOTTLE / CAN looks like. Well all these eventually goes into the topic of BRANDING and how that product can be etched into your mind. To be more definite your SUBCONCIOUS MIND. Well to make it simple. Its a brainwashing effect. Every single one of us are brain washed in one way or another to get people to buy our products or services. So the Coca Cola com [...]

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1000% profit or more