Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving Back

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Recently I had a student ( Rosna ) who volunteers @ Muhammadiyah Children Home.  She is currently helping them to raise funds for the HOME to move to a new buidling to cater to more Homeless children or those that are in troubled. Currently the HOME can only cater up to 60 children at one time and with the new building they are expected to cater to at least 100 children. How much do they need to raise? The initial bill was over $2 million plus. However MCYS have given them 90 or 95 percent grants which left them with over 200K to raise. One of their strategies to raise money is to come out with a book which shares the stories of past children who were from the Home who are doing well now. Some of them managed to go to Universities and have stable careers. While others are overseas or has started business on their own and are now contributing back to the home as advisors or mentors to the kids. I think this will be interesting and inspiring book. Its great to see that such homes too can build people who can eventually contribute back to society and I hope the Home continues to do so. They are also looking for Corporate Sponsors who are 1) Willing to sponsor a room. Ok what do I mean by that, any corporate companies can actually donate a large amount of money to the Home and the Home will paint the sponsored room with the Company's corporate colors and logo there. So how do I end up in the picture? So Rosna actually signed up to my course to learn how she could do the fund raising through the Internet. Well she found this blog and contacted me that she was interested to learn the IM strategies. 4 sessions has passed since then and she shared a lot on some ideas and strategies to get their publicity up.  Well she had already [...]

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