Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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The last few weeks, I've been busy with on Joint Venture projects with several parties from Halal Consultants to Education Specialists to Crazy Marketeers. I tell you its crazy. However there is a need for all these as we see our strengths on the web marketing platforms and them doing the offline marketing channels. I can't give you exact details as there is confidential agreement between our companies. However I can just tell you the gist of things which is happening for the second half of the year. Such as the Halal consultant. He already has his own network and string of restaurants. How we add value is through creating an online search system for his clients. With this system the Halal Consultant could add on to his list of products/services that his clients may want. With the education specialist, we are developing a Internet Specialist Program. As we are seeing a trend of virtual assistants required in the industry. What are virtual assistants? Well they are those who can help you to solve your web problems, help you create newsletters and etc etc. So together with this company we are designing this programs for those who are home based. They can work from home to build up the capacities. The good thing about JVing with them is that my company do not have to fork out the initial advertising expenses. Cool kan? Well ok the third JV that I'm working on will be with a SUPERBLY CRAZY MARKETEER. The first day I sat down talking to him, I also got stunned by the ridiculous but workable ideas. Seriously with his brilliant ideas, Islamicevents.sg will be taking off soon. Insyallah.

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