Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekly Inspirations from the Qur'an

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How often is it that you get inspired by something in your email? Now how about getting inspired every week by a line from the Qur'an? In our busy schedules and increasing dependence on emails and the web, faithhub and Islamicevents.sg has collaborated on a project to get into the business of inspiring people. Its a simple recipe to get blessings from Allah:
  • Reflect on lines that you have read from the Qur'an.
  • Write a few lines about your reflection.
  • Find someone who has the means & tools to spread the message.
  • Get others to also reflect and hopefully be inspired!
Sounds simple enough, no? If you are interested in getting such emails to help you reflect and get inspired yourself,  visit www.quranicinspirations.com


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Weekly Inspirations from the Qur'an