Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Beauty of Islam

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"I didn't become a Muslim because I was invited to, I didn't become a Muslim because of researching and reading the Quran but I become a Muslim because of a boy who demonstrated what Islam is all about to me one day while I was in Egypt"
In this article we would like to highlight one single lesson that we took away from that lecture on Sunday 26th July 2009. To be an Examplry Muslim. You never know who you can inspire and who you can influence to be a Muslim. So Bro Idris explained to us that during the day of judgement when that boy is faced infront of Allah and his sins and good deeds are being recalled by the Angels, he will be in a shock of his life. Because for that one good moment that he did, would grant him endless streams of good deeds which he might not even know. This could even overweigh his sins and grant him a place in Allah swt heavens. Insyallah. Have we been Examplry Muslims to others? Well saying is easy right? But practising isn't but in truth it is simple. All the boy did when he met Bro Idris ( before he converted ) was to say Assalammualaikum ( Peace be upon you ). And when he asked the boy, "How are you". The boy replied, "Alhamdullillah". Its just pure simple actions, words and sincerety manage to open the hearts of Bro Idris. So Brother Idris was moved and realised how Beautiful Islam is. We will leave you to that to ponder on it.... With just simple actions you can demonstrate the Beauty of our religion. Here we leave with you a video of how Bro Idris converted to Islam. [...]

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