Friday, July 17, 2009

Catch Debu Live on 8th of August 2009

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Taken from Debu's official website - DEBU's brilliant fusing of East and West, traditional and contemporary, acoustic and electric, yields a unique sound, laced with familiar yet exciting elements. DEBU is a breath of fresh air wafting through the world music scene. Their long-awaited message of love and peace is not new; to them it's the essence of Islam, the Sufi way. They have become increasingly well known over the last four years throughout Indonesia with many personal appearances on the islands of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Lombok as well as countless TV appearances. During this period they have released three albums with songs mainly in Indonesian, but there are also songs in Arabic and English. DEBU's style and sound are a rich and colorful tapestry of East and West, traditional and modern, with a hint of Latin and a touch of jazz. In a single song you may hear an Iranian santur and an Irish harp accompanied by a simple Turkish beat on the tar and an electric stand-up bass, while in another a hard-driving Arab drum rhythms accompanied by a traditional Arab tambourine, or perhaps the soft lilting sound of the Javanese flute weeping its melodious song of love and longing. This is world music in the truest sense. Their poems are the words of the Sufi, both mystical and lyrical, born of a heart intoxicated with love and longing for the Beloved. These are love songs in the truest sense telling of a heart immersed in the Sea of Love. They sing in a number of languages: Indonesian, Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, and Chinese. They are in the process of recording several albums; one in English is planned for the near future. Whatever the language, the message is the same. Most impo [...]

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Catch Debu Live on 8th of August 2009