Friday, July 03, 2009

Five Friday Fix

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Bismillāh ar-Rahmān ar-Rahīm
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Apologies for not having the Five Friday Fix last week as yours truly was recuperating at home. Anyhow, alhamdulillah I am back in office and I hope this week's links would be of benefit.

  1. First off, I am just majorly impressed by Russia for their nationwide ban on gambling and closing of all casinos. Thats $1billion in tax gone! One line in the article that made me go "Awww" was when Moscow deputy mayor Sergei Bardakov said, "the ban was to protect the health of society".

    Now if only Singapore had the same mindset.

  2. Hot in the news right now too is French President pushing for the ban of the burka in France. You can read two views of the issue: Mona el-Tahawy is a Muslim and a feminist and is against the burka, and here's one by a burka-wearing chick. What are your views?
  3. This week's video pick really moved me. Its Surah al-Fatiha in British Sign Language. (There is no sound as it was originally made for the deaf.)

    Having had little exposure to the deaf community in Singapore, I know they use the American Sign Language. But what really makes me wonder is how the deaf get their Islamic educat [...]

    Read full article here


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