Thursday, July 23, 2009

Future Tweets

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This tool is a definite keeper! Do you get tired of logging on to your computer and twitter your messages whether for social purposes or promotion? This morning, I have no idea how I was awaken at 3am because of my empty stomach. Too tired to eat that I fell asleep. So yeah woke up, walk to the kicthed, heated some food and spent a bit of time watching tv while eating. And so my day started. Went into my emails and check facebook for new messages. I was quite surprised at around 4 plus people are also awake chit chatting and there was Kak Suria with her motivational updates. You know I wonder who would read it so early in the morning. Yes I too forget that there will always be people online 24 hours. So it made me think of how we can actually send out messages at the different timings. I know using the autoresponder we can do that but how can we do this for the Social Networks. So there I began my search for "Social Media scheduling" and found some sites which didn't really work. Like others I too get frustrated. By 8am I found Bro Moonshi online, so I asked him if he knew anyone who can write a program for Twitter or Facebook. Well he asked me to call him at 10. So I continued doing all my stuff.. Still tweaking because of some coding problems and at 10am I called Bro Moonshi again. I can say we have quite a hearty discussion understanding each other's businesses and the experience that he has gone through especially with the Malay Business community.  Also he gave me some leads to the twitter scheduling sites which leads me to JACKPOT!! This is what I've been looking for the whole morning. It is the perfect program that could schedule my messages according to the times that I want and set default messages every morning. Imagine even when you are asleep, these messages are being sent out every day without fail. How cool is that right? So yup get a feel on [...]

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