Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you know what we know

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Someone asked me this question before. Why don't you just find a job? Usually my answer to them is, "If you know what I know, You would not want  to be where you are now." So what exactly do I know that you don't know? I've been an entrepreneur for the last 2.5 years. I've seen the ups and downs, the success and the failures. Having no money, having no Life, Losing someone you cared about. Yada yada.. The list is endless but why do I keep doing it despite all odds.. Because I know something you don't. Because there is a pain that I see in society that needs to be cured. Because I love to serve the Lord of the Universe through the work I do. Because by being a common man, you will never solve many problems. Because because because because. It becomes very difficult to explain to people what we do, but what you need to know that the things we do will gradually change people, change society for the better Insyallah. And all this starts by internalising the information learnt and by practising it day by day which in turns become knowledge to you. Hence you will someday hold the key to the future. You are the one that will make something out of nothing. Eventually you will be the one to serve the community with an open heart and open mind.. However said, what we know is still 0.00001% of what our Almighty knows. So let's search for him to get the knowledge to be great people, to be rich, to be a giver, to be best of people and so on. Insyallah.

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If you know what we know