Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Questions on the Course...

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Sister Suraya Ali asked several question pertaining to the Virtual Internet Specialist Course.. So here's my answers... The questions are integrated into my answers. -------------------------------------------------- Wa'salam, Alright I'll answer one by one.. There are 3 phases to an Internet Business. This i will explain again to the students during the first class. First - Development Second - Initial Marketing Campaigns + Testing Thirdly - Maintainence + Marketing The work of the VA is actually is in phase 3 for most of the time. To develop the sites and so on outsource that to developers who much understand graphic design and coding. Question 1 Aweber - U$19/month Adobe Photoshop CS4 Image Editing Software for Windows - U$639.95 Upon graduation, will we be required to buy those original softwares in order to operate as VIA even before we got our first client? It will be another cost to us having paid $2000 for the 13th-lesson course. How does the Company intent to tackle this matter in order not to burden the students financially with the pre-operating costs? My Answer: There's 15 lessons including Suria's - Wealth Mindset Workshop and my Internet Business Blueprint. I will ask Bro Shahib to use FREE Tools that exist like Paint and GIMP. Its almost the same as Photoshop. So there is no investment at all on this. For Aweber, you have to pay from the second month onwards. This is the most effective tool of all the marketing tools. Once you learn how to use it, you don't want to let it go. Seriously. Its really an investment as its more of an asset because this tool uses the 20:80 rule a lot. What's the 20:80 rule? Well you have to attend the course or Google for the answers. Once you learn how to use it, you don't want to let [...]

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