Friday, July 24, 2009

Special event by Idris Tawfiq

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It was quite to not have Dr Zakir Naik to come to Singapore to give a talk. However Darul Arqam still manage to get Idris Tawfiq to be here to share his journey of becoming a Muslim. Idris Tawfiq's Biography.. Idris Tawfiq has a degree in English language and Literature from the University of Manchester and a degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome. For many years he was Head of Religious Studies in different schools in England and Wales and has much experience of teaching, both in the UK and Egypt. Before embracing Islam, Idris was a Roman Catholic priest. Idris Tawfiq is much in demand as a speaker, and he travels extensively to this end. His style of speaking is both simple and very gentle, touching hearts, as well as causing people to think. Idris points out that he is not a scholar, as such, but rather has a way of explaining things about Islam in a very simple way. He has considerable experience in leading retreats and In-Service training for both students and adults. He uses this vast experience of dealing with ordinary people and explaining matters of faith to them to enliven his writing and style of speaking, making them both interesting and easy to understand. He tries to explain Islam to those in the West who are not Muslim. As a writer, Idris Tawfiq has written for newspapers and periodicals in the United Kingdom and is now a regular contributor and Consultant to and He writes a weekly article in Egyptian Mail, Egypt's oldest English-language newspaper, and Sawt Al-Azhar, the newspaper of Al-Azhar University. He is the author of Gardens of Delight: a simple introduction to Islam; Talking to Young Muslims; Talking to New Muslims; Talking to Muslims in the West & Talking Abou [...]

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Special event by Idris Tawfiq