Monday, July 20, 2009

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Do you know who owns Well its none other that Sujmy Mohd from Screenbox. Yeah finally its almost done. is at 90% completion leaving with the Sungguh Mall to be redesigned and integrated and a few expected hiccups to come along the way.. yes nothing is perfect. On average it takes 3months plus to really tweak a site till it stabilizes.. Seriously! It has been more than 2 months doing this project. Why so long? Well because there's big big database and years of content that we need to back up. Furthermore the requirement to upgrade the servers as the old servers were really in the dinosaur age. Yes you do need to upgrade your exisitng servers. If the old web hosting companies does not upgrade their server, this also indicates a dieing company. Seriously, my advise is to start to find a new company who are consistent in upgrading their server from year to year. And review them from time to time. Review their capabilities and price. Its a dog eat dog world out there. 6 years ago, when Bro Sujimy bought his server for 1GB space and 5GB Bandwidth per month, it cost him over $900. When I came into the picture, I reviewed back the servers and told him that he could save much more money because web servers today are so much cheaper but the Web Hosting company didn't tell him that. Today you can easily get 5GB space with 30GB Bandwith at only around $150 to $200. Do you see the difference? sungguh Alright let's not forget the people who helped out in creating this [...]

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