Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Virtual Internet Specialist Course

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Have you heard of this occupation before? Well it isn't really a new occupation and it has actually existed since the Internet was born. This is an occupation of stay home mums & freelancers. Yes its a job which can be done anywhere and everywhere. My buddy Shahib Amin who is a graphic cum videographer does his work at Mc Donalds all over Singapore. As long you have a laptop and pretty good internet connection this work can be done anywhere in the world. So Suria from Anggun International invited me one day to her office to share her frustrations on running her business. She was telling me that she could not be writing, promoting all the time. She needs to spend time thinking and strategising too. So in other words we are not maximising our time to full capacity. So yeah this happens to me also. I have to do most of the work and hardly reached our full potential. As we talked and shared ideas, this idea of Virtual Internet Specialists comes into the picture. Why don't we run a course and train students to be like me? You see the Digital Movement is going to get bigger, more and more companies will be using the Internet to market their services and programs and definitely the need for such skills in the future. So before the demands peaks, we need to have trained specialists to take up the tasks. Else this will be an opportunity missed. What kind of knowledge are we going to inculcate into them? 1) The Basic Internet Methodologies. 2) Understanding Web Hosting + Domain + How to set them up. 3) Basic Web Building 4)  Basic Image Editing using Photoshop / Other Image Editors 5) Wordpress Blog 6) Basic Copywriting 7) Email + Newsletter 8) Using Autoresponders 9) Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Multiply and so on) 10) Social Media Marketing ( Forums, Blogs & Directories ) 11) Video Marketing 12) PPC Marketing 13) Outsourcing This course will last over 13-14 weeks of 3 hours per session. Ea [...]

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Virtual Internet Specialist Course