Sunday, July 05, 2009

When will you hit your first million

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Yesterday there was an event organised by KESUMA - Association of Malay Entrepreneurs. There were 4 young speakers there for the morning session. During the Q & A session, I posted to them, when will you make your 1st million. Out of the 4, only one could give me a clear answer which was Ashik - Abang Abu's son. He said, " I will make it by 20 years old ". Well the others were not so clear because, some of them say, the million dollars is not so important but giving is better, while another says that they will make a million when the other start up companies make their millions. To me personally when someone can answer the point without hesitation and with confidence will give him/her much more leverage among others.Studies have shown that when you are clear with what you want, you will get the results. So for the rest of the answers, it was really sketchy. I doubt they will reach their millions fast enough because of one simple reason.. CLARITY

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When will you hit your first million