Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you out there!

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Are you out there and not too sure what's the time for Buka ( Break Fast ) this Ramadhan?

If you are here's our solution for you.

If you do recall we do have our Islamicevents Mobile site. So now you can actually find out what's the prayer time, musollah locations and all the activities from your mobile phone. And this can be done anywhere in the world not just Singapore.

How to do it?

1) Go to your mobile Web Browser. 2) Just type - 3) Start scrolling the contents..

To search for musollahs, 1) you can go directly to 2) Type the area that you are searching for and click search. 3) You will receive a list of prayer locations.

Great isn't it? Insyallah in the future we can even add video features for you to view Previews or Live Web Events on your mobile too.

However you need a GPRS or Wireless LAN connections ( if you are nearby ) to access.

If you are not too sure how to use the Internet via Mobile phone, do check out your Phone Manual. :)

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Are you out there!