Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Changing Mantras

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Without realising it, this seeps into the subconcious mind and the more you let it be, the more it will become your reality..
"Every word you say is a prayer"
No wonder the money doesn't sticks to me.. because I've been harping on that "Money is not Important but Helping is".. The more i keep saying the more it turns into reality. The money just do not stick.I've begun to realise that whatever dollars is not able to be retained for very long. Instead the out flow is much more than what's coming in lately. And yeah I've been helping many people and yet I've not help myself. Kak Suria pointed this out to me the other day. She told me that in order for that to change, I have to change my Mantra. So here goes the new Mantra... " Money is Important and with more money we can help more people with God's Blessings  ". Let's try this out. If you have been having the same thinking as mine for the last few years. I guess its time to change. Your mantra can be different than mine. However it must be clear of what you want. So let's do this together and if you feel that there are changes to your life after a few weeks of changing your mantra. Do drop me a comment below. Let's begin to change our Mantra..

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