Friday, August 28, 2009

Simpan or not to Simpan Saga...

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Have you been saving enough? Especially in this month and next, definitely more money is expected to get out of your pockets am I right? How would you ever save in times like this. The Financial Motivater, Abang Abu think otherwise and have recently launched the "Simpan Challenge". This campaign started by just a simple idea to SAVE at least $1000 per month. Well if you cannot reach that amount its alright! The idea is to learn to be frugal and learn to save as much as possible. Even $100 of savings is better than $0. will be taking part in this challenge and have officially sponsored part of the Simpan Challenge Booklet. ( Amount cannot be revealed here ) :) The campaign will officially start on the 1st of September and those who are participating in this campaign will be receiving 30 great tips to save. Over 600 people have registered! Do you wish to save more money? For more information, please visit You can also view other online sites and companies that are participating in this Challenge! So exciting. :) Beggar Blogger ( Nurshaheed - Internet Entrepreneur ) Go to Here are some videos for your viewing. Courtesy of Samson Zee. Abang Abu getting support from the Malay Newspaper- Berita Harian. [...]

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Simpan or not to Simpan Saga...