Friday, August 28, 2009

Virtual Specialist Opportunity

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When I opened up my email at 11 am this morning, there's an email that required a Human Resource Specialists job. However it indicates that they need the abilities of Virtual Internet Specialist to do the job. As shown below..
Jobs Available @ & Associate Companies worldwide Worldwide/Freelance Positions HR Search Specialist Pre-requirements Unlimited high speed internet connection, a PC or laptop requirement. Able to commit at least 5-10 hours per week. Standard English language proficiency. Duties & responsibilities Your role is to assist the company and associate companies in the searching and hunting of potential candidates in specific country. You are to post advertisements in the internet, blogs, referrals from friends, etc to generate the specific potential candidates that are required by our companies. You are also require to filter the right candidate and made recommendation accordingly to the head office. You will be given a person email account under to facilitate your email correspondences. Remuneration For every successful recommendation candidate that had been hired by our HQ or associate companies you will be awarded with US$200.00 -US$500 as a search fee. Payment will be tabulated and wired to your bank account or PayPal a/c every month. How to apply Please send your complete resume to Please indicate the position you are interested to apply Please visit for latest positions available.
This is only one of the many jobs that are evolving on the Internet and to be honest this Virtual Internet Specialist work is really going to boom and change how people work. This will involve a lot of communications on the Internet and you need to know how to use Paypal. I'm going to give you a li [...]

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