Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aidilfitri Sermon 20 Sept 2009

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Islamic Religious Council of Singapore Eidul Fitri Sermon 20 September 2009M / 1 Syawwal 1430H Eidul Fitri Reinforces The Value of Compassion for Muslims Alhamdulillah, the highest of praises be to You O Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. You have completed your blessings to Your servants. You have chosen the path of success that You please for Your servants. You have granted help to Your servants to pursue all goodness. You fill the hearts of Your servants with compassion and kindness. There is no God worthy of worship except You O Allah. You deserve all praises and all gratitude. Dearest Muslim brothers and sisters,
"He who purifies it (i.e. the soul) will indeed be successful. And he will indeed fail who corrupts it (i.e. the soul)." This is stated by Allah s.w.t. in Surah al-Shams verses 9-10.
On this glorious morning, may each of us, male and female, young and old, be more conscious of Allah s.w.t. through taqwa, after a whole month of training in Ramadan. May our hearts shine with the bright torch of iman (faith) and pureness. On this victorious morning, let us reflect on ourselves for the past month, what has been the impact of Ramadan on our spirituality? Has Ramadan made us shed tears, out of repentance and sincerity in seeking Allah's forgiveness and mercy? Has Ramadan reinvigorated our iman, so that we are more conscious of Allah s.w.t. through taqwa, at all places and times? Has Ramadan rejuvenated our strive to continuously do al-birr and al-ma'ruf, that is all good acts and kindness, which will cheer up friends and families? Has the Holy Quran, our companion throughout Ramadan, inject new life to our resolve to appreciate the beauty of the religion of Allah and His Prophet s.a.w.? Has Ramadan made us more resilient individuals, who will not be easily weakened by adversity? Has Ramadan made us into more patient and grateful human beings? Has Ramadan i [...]

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Aidilfitri Sermon 20 Sept 2009