Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anthony Robbins Seminar - overview

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tonyrobbins Well by now you would know that we got tickets for this seminar at really ridiculous prices and some people have been asking how is that possible? Well my answer to you is easy. NETWORKS.
If you are in the right network and you do listen to the people who have been active in these networks all the time, you will realise you can end up at this places for half the price or even for FREE! So value that network and join such networks. It will definitely benefit you a lot. Seriously don't underestimate the power ot networking. Thanks to Saiful Rizal for the info!
There is much to learn from these 4 day event and here I'm trying to figure what to write first. And I still have my notes all over the place.. I'll just sum up what we went through in point form.. 1st day -  Mind Conditioning Process - We Change anything in a HEART BEAT Two primal fears that every human being share - not being Good Enough - not being Loved FIREWALKS.. really we really walk on HOT CHARCOAL. Some of my friends even walked 3-4 times. Crazy but true.. Day 2 - The Ultimate Success Formula If YOU CAN'T...say it with me? then YOU MUST - Eventually you must find the way to do it and get it done. - You can change anything by Interrupting the Patterns. - Knowing the seasons and cycles of Life And I like the third day when he talked about standards. To make progress we need to increase our standards. 3rd Day - Overcoming your Limiting Beliefs 4th Day - This last [...]

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Anthony Robbins Seminar - overview