Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fire Walking Experience

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Well this comes a week later after the Anthony Robbins Seminar.. Firewalking has actually been around for hundreds of years and most commonly done by the Hindus whom had to fast to go through this ritual. In this seminar, its not ritual of course but it's actually a challenge. This differentiates one who can overcome anything and one that runs away from adversities. One who thinks too much and one who can temporarily block their mind for that moment and just walk through..
Its all in the mind


Easier said then done right? Imagine yourself being there and looking at the red hot charcoal right infront of you? How would you feel? Just look at the picture above. Would you walk through it? As my last post - changing your state in a heartbeat. You do need to be in the right state of mind to do this. That evening before the walk, Tony actually went through some mind conditioning techniques to prepare the 5000 strong crowd for the walk. There was one time where we were asked to lay down on the floor or chairs, close our eyes and imagine the walk in our minds. YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! When it started, you can see many eyes especially the front row people who have doubts of doing it. FEAR can just come to you. Seriously.. Even I became nervous at some point. Even Tony Robbins said he becomes nervous before a walk... You see its just human nature to fear. It also happens to the best. Its all about Dancing with the Fear. Don't fight it, dance with it. For myself, I told myself I've went through much more shitty stuff in my life. What can a walk like this do to me? At most give me a super blister! My way o [...]

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