Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Facebook Profile/Page your Resume?

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This article was inspired by Guy Kawasaki. Thanks Harasha from Speak Consultancy for pointing this out. We all know that Facebook has become the "In Thing" these days. Everybody is hopping on this bandwagon to create profiles, groups and business pages. Some of you may still wonder what is this all for? For most of you out there is just merely for networking purposes, to catch up with old friends, to get to know future spouses and so on. But since MySpace days, online profiles have changed and have gone beyond just for networking purpose. Before Facebook, celebrities rose up to fame just by having a myspace profile or youtube channel. You get your songs played, tons of people can listen to it and music producers are always hunting for people there for new sounds and lyrics. Well that's more targeted for that kind of genre. Generally Facebook these days have been a hunting ground for Employers too. In this connected world, employers are always looking for the best talent for their companies. At the same time, they too want to check out on you. Are you the right kind of candidate for the job! What extra stuff do you have that this other candidate don't.
So have you realised that your Facebook profile is your resume?
In a way yes. However because Facebook only have one look and hardly can be customised, its hard to differentiate one person to another. You need to be good at words to stay competitive and be slightly techie to improved on your Facebook Page appearences. Personally I feel that Blogs are still the way to go for Personal Profiles and showcasing your work. It gives much more distinct look and personality that when someone comes to your site.. Ahh this person is this and that. Your thoughts! How to go offensi [...]

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Is Facebook Profile/Page your Resume?