Monday, September 14, 2009

Millionaire Mind Seminar 2009 (Singapore)

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Well here's the thing, in order for us to keep excelling and setting new standards we need to acquire new knowledge on different things. We call this growth.. Without learning new things, we can be considered DEAD. Our VIS courses is directed to wealth creation. However wealth creation alone without wealth management, it will be a super loss. Hence after the Anthony Robbins seminar, definitely we would want more stuff to fuel you to get to the next level. The next seminar that we want to introduce to you is T-Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind. Who is Harv? Well he is one of the Gurus who earns from 5 Million to 20 Million in a weekend. I say again a weekend! His seminars and his contacts are madly crazy. Kak Suria will atest to it. Before that he had run many business. Failed many times until one day he found that formula.. from Zero he became a Millionaire in 2.5 years. Now he earns ridiculous amounts of money. Because of that seminar in last Novemeber I began to pick up good money habits, please read this article I began to separate my business accounts to my personal account and since starting to save and enjoy the money I earned. OK I wasn't that discipline in some parts of the months, but that was my challenge. Your challenge is might be different. To me this lesson is the most basic of basics of wealth management. If you want to ever be a millionaire, the JAR system is a must to know. How much is this Seminar? Firstly I want you to know unlike Anthony Robbins seminar, this seminar is full of SELLING [...]

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Millionaire Mind Seminar 2009 (Singapore)