Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pestaraya 2009

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pestaraya Another project  done.. Its a very tiring one though. This project took us more than a month to create. From the initial designs to changing layout almost up to 5-6 times.. ( I seriously lost count ) and changes to small details. Even my freelance web designers almost went gaga. However crazy it is, eventually this is an experience you can't have when you work with smaller companies. I can recall my friends asking me, have that project been done yet? Every time I say no, they will ask why? I just told them its still in the works. Esplanade being who they are definitely have expectations and demand. Working with them really open eyes to how the corporate world is. It has been quite some time since the army days that we have to serve under such structured organisation. For them they have protocols, from how the sponsors logo will look like to how the flash will appear. They really go into that small small details which every designer can go crazy if something was wrong. Like I said the experience cannot be replace. Have to thank the people below for their patience and hard work. Credits to Shahib Amin ( Design ), Hirwanis ( Looking into the constant changes ), Sujimy ( For providing the opportunity and guidance), Ainah ( For being the middle person to tolerate the ever changing to do list. ) and Esplanade guys! Site went LIVE yesterday, 22nd September 2009. Visit and check out the events there!

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Pestaraya 2009