Thursday, October 08, 2009

Are you still a Dinosaur?

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What do I mean are you still a dinosaur? Do you own a business and yet do not own a website? Well you are a dinosaur then? Business like yours have a slow adoption rate due to your finances or inability to use computers and the internet. In 5 years time, business like yours will have problems competing with the businesses that are current and relevant as by then most of them will already have online presence. Recently I've launched a campaign about our discounted web development services and the SIP grants that is available out there which is untapped. So yesterday while waiting for Kak Suria and Feroz ( Strive Computers ), I did a survey on existing companies in Singapore that do not have a website so that we can target this group of people. How I normally do my survey is to check existing business directories like the Yellow pages and the Green Book. Below is a screen shot of restaurant I've only need to search for restaurants and the first page that is shown above. You have to check one by one. Just click on one by one. Apparently 50% of the restaurants listed there do not own a website. Seriously! And that is only restaurants! Singapore has over 160,000 Small Medium Enterprises. So it means around 80,000 SME's still do not own a website. Now here's the thing. Do you see the potential that of web development services? Also do you see how grants like this can benefit a lot for companies? Well if you want to know more what I am talking about and the web development grant, please GO TO THIS WEBSITE. CLICK HERE.

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Are you still a Dinosaur?