Thursday, October 01, 2009

Creating Channels that Benefits All

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Are you creating channels or are you just the at the end of that channel? Well either or the survival of the smaller channels are dependent of the Bigger channels.. Let me show you an illustration of what I mean. I took this out from the North South Malaysian Highway..


Above as you can see the illustration of how a Channel works. In this case the highway is built and every exit or entrance of the Highway is blocked by the Toll Services. Usually own by the Big Boys.

So what happens is that with this Big Channel it creates the smaller industry by itself. Here food industries thrive cos people have to eat and hotels is alive when people needs to rest after long hours of driving. As you can see above, the Ambulance are needed when accidents happen. Tow trucks will be called upon to pick up the vehicles that breaks down. Construction and road maintainence are are required when the roads require to be widen and replace with new TAR. Just like Singapore's LTA, there is road surveillance, meaning camera's built at different points of the highway to detect high traffic and accidents. Did you know Malaysia use helicopters from time to time to observe the Traffic.

So now here's my point, as when you create Channels, it can benefit more than just you. It can benefit and create jobs for many others.


So now how does this Channel thingy work with our small business.


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Creating Channels that Benefits All