Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do your Kids need the Extra Uuumph

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Do your kids need Tuition? Enroll them this November to prepare them for next year's syllabus. How's their results by the way? Good or Bad does it matter? Well perhaps if they don't do well you realize that their fundamentals are not that strong yet? Do they need to polish those basic information? Yes, January 2010 is still a long way for the new semester but that doesn't stop you from allowing your Kids to be ahead of others right? I remembered when I was in Primary School, I would have friends whom have done and understood the topics taught in school way earlier than I did. So it was easier for them to do the homework and so on. Or your kids would have too much time playing games on the internet or that Nintendo Wii. Besides playing games, perhaps you want to stimulate their minds with academic materials before they start school again next year. So that they won't be rusty when school reopens. Its just once or twice a week. For those living in the Northern Side of Singapore ( Woodlands, Sembawang ) , you may want to check out Alnitak's Tuition Services. View here for more information.

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Do your Kids need the Extra Uuumph