Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to date an Entrepreneur

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Got this from Eman Lim's facebook page. Well if you want to live with an entrepreneur this is what you need to know. Because you know that we live a life very differently from the normal people out there. Hence the state of emotion, how we think, how we act are totally different. Hence perhaps this article will give you a deeper understanding of an entrepreneur's life. ----------- Eman Lim ------------ Wow! I'm glad Haz found this article...saved me the effort of writing it. Very accurate depiction of what to expect from an entrepreneur partner. Taken from the url at the bottom. Enjoy! This also ties in with my earlier note, "Truth Behind The Myth Series #1: Behind The Myth of the 'Playboy Real Estate Developer" . ------------------ DECEMBER 30, 2008 How to date an Entrepreneur If you've ever dated, married or been interested in an entrepreneur, you know that they think, act and relate differently than the average Joe of Joette. Sometimes that can be a challenge for the non-entrepreneur — especially one who doesn't realize that they aren't crazy, they just need to think… sideways… to get through to their partner. Having been raised by an entrepreneur, having been an entrepreneur, having dated entrepreneurs and looking a [...]

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How to date an Entrepreneur