Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to get your spouse to stop working?

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Watch this video.. :) I've put up this video in facebook recently, seems like it has generated quite an interest with people. So I've added it up into my blog so that I can search for it here when I need the information. So how does this videos actually become so viral. Firstly the product / services that you have must solve a problem. In this case, do you think my title is right? The problem with men nowadays they work too hard? Their wives have problems getting them to bed. So how about this? Forced your husbands to BED by having that furniture. They dont  have a choice right because you need to sleep and the bed needs to be folded down.... Hehehe For this model. One of the key secrets in viral videos is that your videos must show solutions that a large number of people have. How to know? Do your research. Find out what people really are talking about and what they want. Furthermore in Singapore, the homes are so small and with such furniture it can save much space. :) Perhaps you can give us a bit of your thoughts here. :)

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How to get your spouse to stop working?