Monday, October 12, 2009

I did it again..

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I did it again.. you see half my work is already done.. I don't have to key in new text or write my own articles. With the right partnership and Joint Venture systems that we inculcate into our Virtual Specialist and the right concept of doing business as a community where you share your wealth and information with each other. Have other courses thought you these? To Believe in abundance? There's too much wealth too be shared and yet most of us do nothing about it. We start business because of YOU YOU YOU and YOU. Is that right? Are you the only one earning the money? Have you ever thought that when you start your business, you are going to feed your family? If you happen to hire freelancers or your own staff, do you realise that you are also helping to feed their families? If you have partners and joint venture, do you realise that you are feeding their families too? For once, we stand and ask ourselves - Why do you start a business in the first place? Firstly as Muslims, we must always be in a submissive mode to Allah swt. Submit to his wills and his laws. And one of the laws states that " The more you give, the more you will receive". In fact he will give you back 10 times more. So what does it truly mean? You see Kak Suria and I do just not write articles for the sake of getting new leads but also we write articles for the purpose of sharing and educating because we care. We know that this information will allow you to make the decisions that you need in your life. Hence this is also a way of giving what you can to the community, to the world. This is our contribution. Hence let's be grateful. --------------------------------------------------------------------

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I did it again..