Thursday, October 22, 2009

I had only $15 in my bank account

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T-Harv Though I was give a ticket to go to this seminar last year, I would say that it is still the best seminar ever. In just 3 days, your blueprint can totally change. I have never told people that I only had $15 left in my bank account for that 3 days. Yes it was the truth. The only choice I had when going for this seminar was that i can use that money to buy food or use it for petrol. However on the first day when Keron ( one of Harv Eker's Trainer ) taught us about the Jar system, it totally shooked me. I was about to spend away all the money. Instead the lesson taught us to keep a portion of that money first. Gosh that left me with only over $2 per day to spend. And when you are at the Singpapore EXPO, what can you buy with $2 per day? So I decided that I would only use it for Lunch. Like it or not, there were days that I sped off back home to eat lunch and dinner I only had water to drink. Seriously. Then again you might ask, how did you end up in that state. In October, we had a booth at Singapore Expo exhibitioning our services. That was our first time, instead of making money from that event, we made over $2,000 dollar of losses. Well it was hard to swollow and at that time, the bank account was almost zilch. People who promised to loan us money also turned back on us. From that day, I  learnt not to trust anyone so easily. So that's how I got into that bad state but as you know this seminar came 2 weeks later, turn things around. The day that I left that seminar, i managed to gain back over $6,000 in just 2 months and paid off all the debts that I had. It was a crazy time I would say but the lessons in the seminar really change your blueprints about mon [...]

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I had only $15 in my bank account