Monday, October 12, 2009

Musollah Testimonial -

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Recently we met Bro Alief ( Born in Singapore but living in Seremban ) in one of the Internet Seminars in Singapore. As he introduced himself to us, he actually thanked us for having this portal as it was convenient for him to find Musollahs in Singapore. We can only thank him for being a great sport to allow us to shoot this video of him. As some of you might know, the musollah listings has existed way before We are merely passing down the information from the creator of the list - Bro Jureni Yusoff. Furthermore we have made the list Open for anyone in public to help update us of the locations. Hence if you have not been to our musollah listings, do visit We are really grateful to Bro Alief for the testimonial and if you do have your own testimonials, do drop us an email to Everything that is good comes from HIM  ( Allah swt ) and anything that is not comes from our weaknesses. Thank you for reading

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