Sunday, October 04, 2009

Want to be the Next VIS Rockstar

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This is a guest post by Suria Mohd So you want to be the next VIS ( Virtual Internet Specialist) Rock Star Working from Home in your Pyjamas? Do you know what separates the Top VIS and the Broke VIS? Top VIS continue to upgrade their knowledge in skills that can help them & their clients be more profitable... Talking about profits, Do you know which is the MOST profitable skill to have now? No, it's not SEO.. No, It's not all those techno gizmos skills of creating flash works etc ( You can outsource all the above) BUT... One skill that you want to MASTER if you want to cash in on the next big wave of Internet Marketing is... Drumrollsss.... It's SOCIAL MEDIA and Facebook marketing... No..Facebook marketing is not about putting your company's logo on your profile picture NO NO... Facebook marketing is not about sending message to everyone asking them "Do you want to join my MLM opportunity" NO NO Facebook marketing is not about tagging everyone even those you've never said Hi to, in your product page.. NO NO Facebook marketing if done right will be the next Gold Mine of the century.. But How & Why? Coz here's some quick stats - There are over 800,000 Singaporean in Facebook!! Staggering! This Stats is Higher than the newspaper circulation & magazine circulation...! Soon it's Bye Bye Media Mogul!! In fact tonnes of newspapers are closing down in the West due to the advent of Internet Media.. So if you're planning to be Trained as a VIS ( Virtual Internet Specialist ) or VA ( Virtual Assistant ) then one of the areas you must MASTER is Social Media marketing.. Again Why? So you can UP your value to your clients by helping your clients Increase Profits using Social Media Tools... How to be a Facebook Specialist or Virtual Internet Specialist? Make sure you [...]

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Want to be the Next VIS Rockstar