Thursday, November 05, 2009

2 Years and Counting!

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5th November marks another prestigious day. Today is exactly 2 years old. Have we come a long way?

Well we are still considered a start up business! A full fledge company usually take 5 years to be a mature company with stabiliy. The last year we did many things, attempted to do things sometimes beyond our comfort zone.

Some were charged and mostly at no cost! Some people asked us how we sustain all these 2 years especially when we had to pay interns, writers and so on.

Well you want to know the secret? Well its no secret at all, we dont have any venture capitalists to throw money at us and build us up. Neither do we have our parents giving us money to run our business. Seriously.

What we have are just still ideas and skills and making things happen.


Fadzuli - I had to do many things, selling and do what necessary is to stay afloat. And yes I am the Boss, the staff, the secretary, the accountant, the decision maker and so on..

Fazli - He is in his final lap in NUS. Will really be glad to have him on board next January to push all the plans full swing.

Luqman - He's been MIA for the last one year though, but he's still in the picture when we need him. He's getting his first Child soon!!


Ameera - thanks for all the hardwork. Her passion in writing and stirring the community with her ideas are really great. Definitely a gem in the community.

Shahiddeen - thanks for updating the events for Ramadhan. It was over 100 events, couldn't do thi [...]

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2 Years and Counting!