Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Growing Your Money Tree Through Investments

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Do you have savings in the bank? Are they growing or are they there doing nothing? I just finished the attending Millionaire Mind Intensivee the last weekend.. On Day one they shared with us the Passive Vehicles to attain Financial Freedom. One of them was to be in Investments and the second one is to create or join a Business System. Either way it is interchangeable. Someone asked me before when did I began to see the potential of Businesses and Investments? It started years ago playing this board game called SMART Money. It is similar to Robert Kiyosaki's CASH FLOW game, where you learn how exactly rich people think. Yes through that game, we had fun and yet learn something very important. I took it very seriously then and that was where my search for PASSIVE Income streams came. Well today I have a few PASSIVE Income Streams that reaches up to a few hundreds. I am still working on doubling on it the next few month. However what I learn playing that game years ago was that I could raise money fast through Investment. When I say fast, its between 3 months to 1 year in this real world. Its about getting your Money Work Hard for you. If you are a student of Investment systems, you would certainly know about its potential. Some people can make up to 100% to even 600% profits through this and some can make losses. But what if there is a much stabler system that can get you to receive a modest income of at least 20% to 30% per annum? I am fortunate enough to be connected to many people during my last 2 years in business and one of my best connections is one with my student Geoffrey Koh whom have lived the Entrepreneurial Life and Now the Investor Life. It is just amazing to know how he went to millions in his business to BROKE and now making it back and you know what its going to be permanent this time round. Why is it permanent you ask? Like any wealth Guru will tell you, its starts with YOU first. Your set of beliefs and patterns of Succes an [...]

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Growing Your Money Tree Through Investments