Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Learning How to Learn

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Indeed an incredible course to learn. I've attended the first session and within that 2 hours there's so much to learn. How many of us have gone to school and yet learnt nothing from the courses we took? Why is that so? Do you know? Ustaz Zhulkeflee explained that there are enough Teachers/Masters out there but there aren't enough students. In fact there are thousands of people out there who needs to learn but the thing is, these students who wants to learn, do not have ADAB! ADAB in Malay can be translated to ATTITUDE ( I think ). That's the first thing that you need to have before we even start to learn. Well the ATTITUDE does not just consist of you or me Wanting to Learn. You have to also respect the orders of the teachers such as being punctual, such as being 100% focused, being participative and so on. Hence the preparation to learning is equally important during the learning process during the class itself. Ustaz Zul mentions that in some Islamic Learning Centers, the students need to know and apply this before one could even get entry to the school. Will be sharing more thoughts on the class. A book to get - Instruction of the Student - The method of Learning by Imam Al Zurnaji Want to know more about this class.. ( Well it started already but still have 15 more sessions to go... )- Go here

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Learning How to Learn