Sunday, November 29, 2009

Many Roads Home

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manyroadshome One day I had an email from this particular lady by the name Rosna. In the email she asked if she could join my Basic Internet Marketing Workshop. I told her then that I was done conducting such workshop and am doing one to one coaching cos I have this problem, I cannot remember names well but I do remember when I work with my clients or students closely. So that's how the meeting with Rosna begin and class started. In my class, I told her that this Internet Marketing Skills are GENERIC knowledge. One needs to find his / her niche area in order to fully utilise the lesson learnt. So while talking to her to find exactly what she would do when ARM with this information, she shared this journey she was embarking. A very noble cause indeed. Rosna came in to do a presentation a while back and she presented herself as a FROG who lived in a pond. In order for the Frog to get out of the pond, it needs to jump out from that pond and reach on to a high wall. All the other frogs, teased and demoralised it however the Frog kept jumping and jumping and finally one day that Frog got out. Just like the Frog, Rosna who is a volunteer with Muhammadiyah Childrens Home had made a commitment to help the HOME to raise funds for the HOME as it requires extensive FUNDING for their move from Mountbatten to the new Home in Bedok North. Almost half a million needs to be raised. During her presentation, she recalled the scenarios where she had very little help from people and most of the time she was left alone fighting for this cause. As we all know that there are so many foundations and organisations asking for donations all over Singapore. So how do you compete? Having no experience, she struggled her way through. God has a way of showing us things and through this [...]

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