Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back from 3rd Annual ICT (In camp training)

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Alright this year I wasn't really that involve in the trainings as I usually do however similar to other ICTs, we are deprived of much sleep which we usually have that comes with the intense training. Why did I say I wasn't involve as much. Basicly this year I really wanted to test out a new system. Having another Platoon Commander, I did some delegating and work to him. At the same time with two new section commanders, a lot of the task was distributed evenly to them. Hence there was little to do except for attending briefings, Commander's conferences and prepare for missions. Quite a smooth ICT this year I would say. Furthermore, I didn't talk to the MEN as much as I did last year. Cos this year I really wanted the Sect Commanders to get to know them well.  So instructions are passed down hierarchically, PC to SECT COMM, SECT COMM to MEN. Unlike last year, this year ended positively. So what's next, I realize physically I'm in super bad shape. I think its time to run and get fit again. Have proper training schedules and follow them diligently. Without a healthy body and mind, its hard to get into stressful conditions and walk out feeling great. Anyway sorry for the Army Language, this will take some time to wear off.... in a few months... what's a PC? heh

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Back from 3rd Annual ICT (In camp training)