Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A child does not know how to fail

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Yesterday while coaching Dr Hadi, he shared about how children do not know how to fail. Unlike us Adults, we always look at things - this cannot be done, that cannot be done. However children just do not know how to fail.

As a baby grows, he/she will not know the meaning of failure because look at how they learn to turn over, they learn to crawl, they learn to sit up, they learn to stand and finally they learn to walk. Doesn't matter how many times they fall or failed during that process, children at this point of time do not know how to fail. They continue growing at all odds and finally you can see them running and jumping. Let's reflect back. What if an infant tell themselves, "I can't walk, I can't walk, I can't walk". You know the answer right? He/She will never walk. Because the Child do not understand that meaning, he/she just continue to grow and eventually walk.. All because they dont know about it. So sometimes we tend to procrastinate, we tend to think that we cannot do it, we think its not possible. All that stopping us from where we want to go. What if the meaning of FAILURE is not in your VOCABULARY, what would happen to you. Have you ever thought about this? For us to ponder on it.
Can we become that Child again and learn to walk again without knowing how to FAIL?

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A child does not know how to fail