Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you have a large list and having problems sending it out?

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OK it seems like the last few days, I have been coding and coding non stop. That's why I'm not so active in Facebook and am not answering calls like I usually do. A few months back I bought this Mass Mail Program for Sujimy's Sungguh.com. He has over 12,000 plus subscribers in his database which took him over 6 years to collect. So recently we discovered that the emails that we were sending out were not able to reach our destinations. Well to be more truthful, the email could not even reach them. Why? OK this is going to get very Techie. Internet Service Providers or Organisation that controls the Routers and Mail Servers will usually have a system that can detect mass Emails from coming in or going out meaning it can detect if you are sending too many emails at one time. So usually, the ISPs would block this incoming emails, pick up your IP address and block the rest of the emails that are coming. If you are unlucky, your IP might be blacklisted.  Hence there goes your emails.. It wont by pass the routers and servers and it will never reach your intended destination. * Being black listed ain't good. Even simple emails cannot be sent out in the future. So how do you go about solving this problem? Solution 1: Ok honestly this is a guess but I've been trying out since yesterday and it seems to be working based on the responses I'm getting. - Send the emails in batches. Maybe 10 emails per minute, instead of 12,000 within 2-3 mins. So this will take longer than usual. Over 20 hours to clear all the emails. Hence this will require custom programming and the programmer will need to know how to code Mail programs and also to run CRON jobs. ( Actually I'm quite surprised that many Programmers do not know what's a cron job ).. anyways. Solution 2: Get services like Aweber.com. Although you have to pay $30 SGD monthly, the services are reliable because such companies are [...]

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Do you have a large list and having problems sending it out?